Adresse Fromagerie Amstutz SA
Daniel + Menno Amstutz
CH-2717 Fornet-Dessous
Phone +41 (0)32 484 94 67
Fax +41 (0)32 484 98 59
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The private cheese dairies (Fornet-Dessous since 1956 + Le Fuet since 1996) are managed by the two brothers Daniel und Eric Amstutz in the second generation. They mainly produce their speciality Tête de Moine AOP (70%), but also local cheeses like Moron-BIO (organic cheese with the bud label), Fornet and Le Gruyère / Le Gruyère-BIO. A good 62 milk producers from 6 cooperatives supply more than 6.4 million kg of silage-free raw milk each year which is processed by the two brothers and 3 other skilled workers and 7 employees.

Our first-class products have had an excellent reputation on the home and foreign market for years. One of our hallmarks is the on-site and free marketing of products (export, wholesale and retail trade, on-site sale).