Adresse Franz von Büren
Au Plateau du fromage
Rue principale 22
CH-2613 Villeret
Phone +41 (0)32 941 51 31
Fax +41 (0)32 941 51 34
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We are a small family dairy and received ISO 9001 / 2008 certification in July 1996. In the south not far from the Chasseral mountain you will find our landmark, the valley of Combe-Grède. We have been purchasing milk since 1990 and process about 1 million kg of milk per year. Our 6 suppliers have their farms in the vicinity and provide us with their raw milk twice a day which allows us to produce high-quality products.

We make the spicy aromatic Tête de Moine AOP as well as the incomparable Villeret spécial. We also offer freshly pasteurised double cream, home-made yoghurt and Fondue mixtures. Individual and efficient processing of orders adapted to our customers' needs are our strong points. Just recently we have another speciality on offer: Villerève, a creamy and tangy soft cheese.