Tête de Moine AOP, Bellelay cheese is a semi-hard cheese with a silky body which easily melts in your mouth.

It is not cut, but pared into the shape of delicate rosettes. The paring technique increases the amount of air coming into contact with the surface of the cheese, altering the structure of its body and allowing the full flavour of Tête de Moine AOP, Bellelay cheese to develop. This gives the cheese an even more delicious taste.


Ripening: > 2.5 months   Ripening: > 4 months
Flavour: Purely aromatic   Flavour: spicier
Texture: delicate, soft   Texture: very delicate, soft
Packaging: Round whole
half round whole
Rosette shaped
  Packaging: Round whole

produits tetedemoine 1

The cheese is pared with a blade held at right angles to the surface, using the same method as employed by the monks of the Bellelay abbey. With the invention of the Girolle®, in 1982, an ingenious device of Metafil-laGirolle AG in Lajoux, the paring process has become much easier. Tête de Moine AOP rosettes are best pared when the cheese is taken right out of the fridge.

Party buffet, dessert or cheese boards

Tête de Moine AOP is always right. Have you ever tasted a cheese of such an unusual shape? Those delicate Tête de Moine AOP rosettes make every cheese board a treat for the eye. They are particularly suitable as appetizers with an aperitif or a supplement to the party buffet. Fresh fruit like grapes, figs or nuts make ideal decorations for the cheese. You may also garnish your salads with Tête de Moine AOP rosettes.

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Tête de Moine AOP and the Girolle make a much coveted present and the attraction of your party. The speciality from the Swiss Jura is also an exquisite dessert cheese. Owing to its well-balanced taste Tête de Moine AOP goes with almost any drink.

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