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Age > 2.5 months
Flavour Purely aromatic
Texture Delicate, soft

Spec sheet (PDF)

Age > 4 months
Flavour Spicier
Texture Very delicate, soft

Spec sheet (PDF)

PIROUETTEbox, a functional packaging, a practical curling device for the Tête de Moine AOP and a chesse cover... And you’ll never find the PIROUETTEbox alone; it is sold together with a half Tête de Moine AOP in cheese shops and food stores.

  • Built-in parer, resuable scraping knife
  • Ideal gift
  • Swiss product
  • Made of 100% recyclable material

Spec sheet (PDF)

For easy and fast shaving of Tête de Moine AOP.

  • saves lots of time
  • nicer rosettes
  • hygienic production
  • less waste
  • Swiss product

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Spec sheet (PDF)

Please your friends, commercial partners, customers or colleagues with an original Swiss gift.

  • Gift Idea Tête de Moine AOP
  • Gift Idea Pirouette®
  • Gift Idea Girolle®