Beuret and Chatelain report that, in 1192, the cheese made in the abbey served as an annual fee paid in lieu of rent to the feudal tenure "Étoile". Over the centuries, the mountain cowherds began to make these cheeses outside the abbey, for example the Embreux dairy farm (between Les Genevez and Lajoux), the farms at Lajoux and at Genevez, as well as other farms tied to the abbey such as Les Joux, Fornet-Dessous, Rebévelier, ...

Regions of origin in the course of time

(Source: Beuret and Chatelain; Burkhalter, page 30)

Places of production in 1950: Châtelat, Fornet-Dessous, Le Fuet, Lajoux, Moron, Reconvillier, Tavannes, Tramelan, Loveresse, La Chaux d'Abel, Le Noirmont, Villeret and the Courgenay cheese dairy.

Places of production today: Fornet-Dessous, Le Noirmont, Corgémont, Courtelary, St-Imier, Villeret, La Chaux-d'Abel, Saignelégier et Montfaucon (transformation du lait à la ferme).

(Source: Broschüre Guido Burkhalter, 1979)

Valid as of 2001 the region of origin comprises the following areas ...