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The atmosphere of places, a determining factor

The Amstutz family employs around 15 persons from different countries. The dairy's climate, cheese cellar's ambience (both literally and figuratively) and Franches-Montagnes pastures characteristics give their final touch to our different products. The cellar's humid atmosphere and constant temperature (13.5°C) come into play in this place where every Tête de Moine AOP goes through nearly 40 hand gestures.

More than 7 million litres of milk are produced every year by 43 producers for Fornet-Dessous. With its know-how and this milk, obviously at the heart of every recipe, the small business produces 7 cheese specialties, in respect of tradition.

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Fromagerie Amstutz SA
Menno Amstutz
Fromagerie 45A
2717 Fornet-Dessous, Switzerland

Phone +41 32 484 94 67
Fax +41 32 484 98 59

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Did you know ?

  • Sleep and taste

    Sleep and taste

    Spend a night in our region and we will offer you half a Tête de Moine AOP CLASSIC cheese.

    If you stay overnight for at least one night in accommodation in the Tête de Moine region of origin from 1st July to 31st October 2022, you will receive half a Tête de Moine AOP CLASSIC cheese per family.

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  • New combined ticket

    New combined ticket

    On sale at the Maison de la Tête de Moine in Bellelay and at the Franches-Montagnes cheese dairy

    From 1 June to 31 December 2022, this combination ticket entitles you to a special price for a visit to the Maison de la Tête de Moine and the Fromagerie des Franches-Montagnes show dairy

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  • Exhibition of sculptures by Christian Burger

    Exhibition of sculptures by Christian Burger

    In the cultural section, an exhibition of four monumental sculptures, never before seen in Switzerland, will be presented on the grounds around the Maison de la Tête de Moine.

    The works, made of hay by eight people, each require almost a week of work. The creations can be admired in principle until October.

  • Photo exhibition by Pierre Montavon

    Photo exhibition by Pierre Montavon

    20 years PDO - From May 1st, 2021 a photo exhibition by Mr. Pierre Montavon on the theme of the new book l'Univers de la Tête de Moine will be presented at the Maison de la Tête de Moine.

    This exhibition of photographs from the book will portray the character of this cheese. The exhibition also portrays the many people who contribute passionately to the success of this cheese, from the dairy farm to the Michelin-starred restaurant and, of course, to the cheese dairies.

  • The universe of Tête de Moine

    The universe of Tête de Moine

    Once upon a time there was a cheese like no other. Published to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PDO certification, this book relates the odyssey of the Tête de Moine.

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  • Exposition of giant sculptures

    Exposition of giant sculptures

    The hay giants will be back! Exhibition to be discovered from 1st May 2021 in Bellelay.

    2018 edition in video (Youtube)